All age groups

  • No spectator/coach/player etc. may stand behind the goal/end line to view the game. This is distracting to players and can also be dangerous.
  • All participants are expected to assist in keeping the fields clean and worthy of play. Please help by picking up all trash and reporting any concerns with field conditions.
  • There is no smoking in any of the parks.
  • Dogs should be left home due to players with severe allergies.

U4 – U6

  • During the game, only players and coaches may be on the field.

U8 – U15

  • During the game, only players and referees may be on the field.
  • Spectators must remain 10 feet away from touchlines. This gives the referee space to move and players’ room to make throw-ins.
  • Parent/spectators will sit on the opposite side of the field from the teams and coaches. 

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