• Thank you!  We appreciate you making the time to volunteer and provide guidance and instruction for your team. Your effort is valuable to our community.

  • Please contact your team with any schedule changes for practices and scrimmages. We are asking you to update your game and practice schedules in the Crossbar app for team parents.

  • Rescheduling. We understand that unforeseen circumstances come up and life happens. The only times a game should be rescheduled would be weather related, or if you will not have enough players to play. If you are unable to attend a scheduled game or practice, please take the following steps:
  1. Ask the Assistant Coach to fill in
  2. Ask a parent from your team to fill in
  3. Ask another coach to fill in
  4. Ask another coach if your team can join their practice
  5. For U8-U15 games, if you will not have enough players, you may reach out to another coach in your age group to see if one of their players is interested in playing a double header. For U4-U6 games, talk to the opposing coach to decide if you both want to play fewer athletes on the field at once (3v3 instead of 4v4), or have players from the larger team rotate to play with the team that is short.
  6. Please do not reschedule a game due to a personal conflict. There are many people in our soccer family that would love to help you out.

  • For questions or issues, contact your assigned Coordinator. For non-urgent general questions or issues, email For time-sensitive issues, call or text your Coordinator. If they cannot be reached, call/text the Soccer Director, Leslie Owens.


  • Equipment.  Equipment must be returned to the storage shed after each practice and game. It is important to make sure the door is locked and the key is returned to the lock box. Scramble the code every time, even if other teams are still playing on the fields. Report any missing or damaged equipment to the Village Office. PLEASE keep the shed tidy.

  • Thank you for setting a good example for your team. Players look to you as a positive example of good sportsmanship. 

  • Please refrain from using smokeless tobacco or smoking in the playing area.  

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct on behalf of the coaches will not be tolerated. Please remember you are representing the Village of Clinton and the Clinton Youth Soccer program at practices and on game days.

  • Equal Play Time Is Mandatory. Each player should have the opportunity to experience each position; this is an instructional program focused on the development of all players. This is an instructional league, we do not keep track of score.
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