Game Cancelation/Weather Policy


  1. If the league coordinator from each city knows 1 hour prior to game time that the weather or field conditions are unplayable, he/she will contact coaches to inform them.
  2. Coaches are responsible for informing all players.
  3. The league coordinator from each city will also contact their respective referees.
  4. If weather is playable 1 hour prior to game time, then teams should still plan to play. If conditions worsen by the time the game is scheduled to start or during the game it is up to the referee to call the game.
  5. If during mid-game the referee stops it due to weather (say thunder or lightening) the referee will be the judge to let teams know whether they can wait it out and continue or end the game. Every time thunder is heard, the game must be delayed 30 minutes.
  6. Any game that is ended due to weather after the first half will not be rescheduled. The current score will be final. If a game is ended in the first half and can’t be continued due to weather, then the league coordinator will decide later whether it will be rescheduled or not. 
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